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Japan is a very rich market with over one hundred million consumers. However, in spite of being the world’s third largest economy, it can be remarkably hard to enter the Japanese market.  1Japan’s retail sector is closed to the rest of the world in many ways, and it can be difficult to get your foot in the door. Some of the difficulties include the following:

  • Japan has a unique language with a writing system consisting of two syllabaries and thousands of modified Chinese characters.
  • Japan’s domestic business culture relies extensively on personal relationships and shuns outsiders.
  • Japan’s retail system is  focused on small stores and is more closed to outsiders and challenging to enter than the retail systems of many other nations.

While the internet has helped to partially penetrate the system, entry can still be very difficult for those who do not have a presence in Japan, even on the major internet shopping sites. To list products on these sites, sellers must meet a number of requirements including the ability to communicate with customers in Japanese in a timely manner and maintaining both a legal residence in Japan as well as Japanese bank accounts.  In addition, sellers must follow Japanese tax laws and other stipulations that are virtually impossible to meet from outside of Japan (see listing requirements for the major rules for Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping and Amazon).
Sell in Japan

Risk-free entry
However, for those looking for an efficient way to break into the lucrative Japanese market, Sell in Japan offers an easy solution. If you let Sell in Japan know what you would like to sell, we will list it on the top Japanese e-commerce websites for you. Administrative details such as translation, customer service and payment will be handled by Sell in Japan. You need only ship the product when it sells (we can help with Japanese fulfillment services as explained in shipping), and your earnings will be sent directly to you in the currency of your choice. Nothing could be easier.

You only pay a small fee for each item you list, and a percentage when your product sells (see how it works). You can start with the quantity of products that works best for you, even if it is small.  This enables you to test the Japanese market at virtually no risk.

With both native Japanese and English speakers on our staff, you can be assured there will not be any communication issues for you or your customers.

Please browse through our site to learn more about our services.  Whenever you are ready, contact us and you can start selling your products in the huge Japanese market with the flawless support of Sell in Japan.

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